Our Story


Born just a year before the Great Depression hit in 1929, Jack Miklus’ earliest memories are of his father, who, like everyone at that time, was out of work, tending to the flowers in his garden. So when he was looking for additional revenue to support his family of six in the late 1960s, he was delighted to find extra work delivering flowers as a side job.

When he and his wife Louise decided to leverage their home, insurance and everything else to go into the floral business in 1972, Jack bought a used van and drove downtown from their North Collinwood location each day at 5 a.m. to get the best flowers for his customers.

In 1982, it was time to expand. Jack scouted locations and they moved to three acres in Mayfield Heights, with a spacious greenhouse and family home next door to the shop, so they could always be there.

Along the way they welcomed four children who became a part of the growing business, first from a playpen in the design center, and, then, after college, two of them—James and Sue—became second-generation owners of the business.

Business has tripled and today there are 15 employees.

Some things, however, have stayed the same…Jack and Louise still live in the charming home next door to the business.

In addition to longer-lasting, fresh-cut floral arrangements, these creative designers have also made a name for themselves in interior and exterior home décor, whether it’s Christmas, Halloween or harvest time. They bring the season to life by doing all of the artful planning, from putting up your tree and decorating it to crafting themed pots, urns, mantles and tablescapes. They also use both fresh and artificial garland around stairways, for front doors and as a drape across cattle fencing.

With an ingenious floral design team and staff of 15 that has earned a reputation for thinking outside of the creative box, it’s not surprising that Miklus is well known for stunning wedding florals (they beautify more than 50 weddings each year), as well as funeral arrangements and wreaths. The family also operates five local hospital gift shops.

Our Staff


James Miklus,

After studying business in college, James joined the business as owner in 1992. He reports the best part of his job is making people happy. His favorite flower is the phalarnopsis orchid, which can be used as a plant, in an arrangement, in a corsage or used as a garnish on a dinner plate.


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